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                Season Length: 10 Weeks
                Season Start: October 13, 2021
                Available in: Two sizes
                Pickup day: Thursdays
                Pickup Lotions: 7 YEG & Area

                5 bounties of vegetables that store well, grown right here in Edmonton, delivered every two weeks!

                We partner with awesome lol businesses who?share our values and re about building Edmonton’s food economy.

                These partners act as pick-up lotions for your CSA bounty. Each pick up day you get to visit our friends closest to you and pick up the goods. The bonus here is you get an excuse to drop in on your lol baker, butcher, deli, or cooking shop and fully complement your Riverbend Gardens veggies.

                This model builds community. It grows incredible relationships and bolsters a network of food-loving people that want to improve how we think about food. This alleviates distribution pressures and allows us to stay in the fields, where farmers perform best.


                Pickup Lotions
                • Acme Meat Market
                • Bon Ton Bakery
                • D'arcy's Meat Market (St Albert)
                • D'arcy's Meat Market (Whitemud Crossing)
                • Confetti Sweets (Sherwood Park)
                • Cloud kes by Auntie Lou
                • Town Square Brewing
                • Remedy fe (Terwillegar)
                • Remedy fe (109st Lotion)
                • Vines - Riverbend Wine Merchant
                How does it work?

                So how does this work?
                What makes it so great?

                1. We spend the spring and summer growing your veggies.

                2. Before the snow flies we pick & harvest the best of our storage crops crops (like potatoes and rrots)

                3. Our storage crops go into the coolers, while other crops like sprouts and kale stay in the field, beuse they taste best after a frost.

                4. Every other week we clean, grade and pack veggies for our CSA bounties.

                4. We get these bounties delivered to the pick-up lotions every other Thursday.

                5. You pick up the tastiest veggies in town!

                Available in two sizes:

                Smaller Bounty

                Great for small households!

                • 4 lbs potatoes
                • 4 lbs rrots
                • 3-4 surprise items



                Bigger Bounty

                Great for veggie-focussed households.

                • 6 lbs potatoes
                • 6 lbs rrots
                • +5-6 surprise veggies



                What are the “surprise veggies”?

                These are typilly bbage, onions, kale, leek, pumpkin, beets, squash, Brussels sprouts, etc!

                What are the pickup dates?

                Oct 13
                Oct 27
                Nov 10
                Nov 24
                Dec 8